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Correction: looks like Steve King won - I had heard wrong.
nmr123321 wrote:
Delphi wrote: Walsh and King gone too! I'm happydancing for lots of reasons tonight.

Bachmann fighting for her life too last I checked.

Sounds like the tea party is wrapping up.

Steve King won, didn't he?

Darn, you're right. I heard it wrong apparently while I was glued to something else here. Sorry.
MN CD-6 (56% reporting):

Bachmann 50.0%
Graves 50.0%

Walsh and King gone too! I'm happydancing for lots of reasons tonight.

Bachmann fighting for her life too last I checked.

Sounds like the tea party is wrapping up.
His whole job was to hearten the spirits of the Fox watchers, and in the process keep them tuning in for their fix of koolaid. He did his job well, actually, didn't he?

Anyone who watched the guy for years in the Bush White House and was expecting that he would speak the truth really needs his head examined.
Lost amidst the national election tonight are a slew of other victories for American values of freedom and equality:

Several voter ballot initiatives legalizing or confirming the legalization of gay marriage are on track to pass: MD, ME, MN and WA.

Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) defeated Tommy Thompson to become the first openly gay U.S. Senator. Congrats, Tammy.

The pro-rapist Republican candidates Murdouck and Akin were rejected by the western liberal infidel majority here.

Joe Walsh and Steve King are gone. Nuff said.

The Taliban is on the run here, even as we make progress toward routing them from the hills of Afghanistan. Go liberal Western values!
Kudos to you guys for showing up here. And yes, America will survive the current record low tax rates even if Fox viewers are still laboring under other versions of reality.

Hopefully Republicans, having failed in their #1 priority of the last four years (making Obama a one-term president) will finally join this compromising centrist president in trying to fix things in this country.
I did well enough. I'd like to thank the Romney campaign for padding my account in the process of trying to keep their candidate looking viable. Thanks Etch-a-Sketchers!
Yeah, very smooth trading platform tonight. Kudos to you all there in the "control room"!

I don't need them to admit defeat - someone's going to win and lose every election, there's no need to rub that in. It would hearten me though if they could begin to make inroads into examining their own vulnerability to massive, orchestrated conspiracy theories.

If I woke up tomorrow and conservatives suddenly had developed a more sober, evenheaded approach to numbers and science and the rest of that nasty 21st century stuff, it would be a wonderful thing for this country.

I just went to a climate change talk this afternoon, and the above-mentioned people have no idea what a dangerous fantasy world they are nurturing.
Florida contract is finally catching up with reality (50-50), so I cashed in the O longs I bought at 30 and dumped them into national.

Here's the game tonight, apparently: moving your money around from the markets that have caught up to reality, to the ones that are still mispriced. Huge skews between contracts. Intrade is about as inefficient as I've seen it in my seven years here.
Intrade is such a joke this cycle on the top line. I'm starting to wonder if there's some plot to discredit it.

If I had a first born child I would consider betting him or her on Obama at Intrade at this point. You'd get an extra half a child back at the end of the night.
From Silver's LiveBlog:

Just more than three-quarters of the vote has been reported in Chesterfield County, Va., an important suburban and exurban region southwest of Richmond. In the tally so far, Mitt Romney leads President Obama 54 percent to 45 percent. If those percentages hold, Mr. Romney’s performance there would match almost exactly Senator John McCain’s margin of victory in Chesterfield County in 2008: 53 percent to 46 percent. Former President George W. Bush, however, when he carried the state in 2004, won Chesterfield County with 63 percent of the vote.

If Romney's doing 2 points better there than McCain did in in '08, he doesn't make up the gap statewide (Obama by 6) from last election - if it's representative.
blazespinnaker wrote: It'll be interesting to see what happens.

I think if nate and the nerds are right in such a close election, msm will take a backseat to the prognostication biz going forward.

That could only be a good thing. And I would say that if Silver and the polls had Romney headed for a victory. As a nation, we BADLY need to get comfortable with the idea of basing our beliefs and plans on DATA and reality, rather than who most flamboyantly gives you an opinion pulled out of their rear.

Climate change comes to mind, of course.
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