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I'm trying to think of the simplest way to regularly check the response time of the intrade website and/or api.

The first "port" of call is ping, and so I try "ping". Although ping can identify the ip address associated with, it doesn't receive any response.

From some searching I reckon this is probably because ICMP replies are disabled on the intrade server end.

Does anyone know if there's a way to get around this?

Otherwise, can someone think of the next simplest way of testing the response time?

I could download a file, and test the time taken, but I'd prefer to do something more low-level.

Can anyone help me out with this before Monday? Cheers.

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Hey High Frequency Trading allowed here

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i love how you expect the people betting to know

the DNS is working though, and you know what that means. Don't think there's enough volume on this to make it worthwhile anyway.

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I ran into this issue a while back; I was having connectivity issues and was trying to ping intrade's public dns with no response. It is odd that they'd have their webserver set up to ignore pings. It's possible they're trying to avoid one vector of DDoS attack, or that they're just trying to conserve every last drop of server capacity.
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