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Lots of money made and lost (I'd be the latter) on The Hunger Games. Next up is The Avengers, a gigantic Marvel tentpole multiple years and multiple prequels in the making. The first word out of the premiere is raucous approval. It would appear Joss Whedon can do no wrong.

Rotten Tomato market is currently predicting 79%, I'm guessing it'll land in the low 90s. And the box office market is predicting a little more than $155m. Seems right. Hard to tell this far out.

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I'm just going back through old threads now, but where the hell did that image come from? It includes a (totally awful) image of War Machine, with some unrecognizable actor playing him (whose face might even not be real, but CG?), when War Machine was not at all included in the film.

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