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Netspend is similar to a prepaid Visa Gift Card, except, it is in a single person's name, not just a general card. It functions just like a debit card, you have a PIN number, and you can use it just like a credit card.

The first step is to go to the website and have the card mailed to you.

They only ask for your name and address to send you the card. Once you activate it you have to provide more information including SSN.

They then ask you to set up an online account including providing an email address and security question in case you lose or forget your password.

They say the card takes 7-10 days, I received mine in 4.

Once you receive your card you can go here to activate it. This is when they ask you to verify your identity including your SSN.

Once you have activated your card you have a couple options to load money onto it.

1. A Reload Center
2. Some banks have the ability for a direct transfer.
3. PayPal
4. Purchase a "Reload Pack"

1. I opted for the reload center. You can go to this website.

Simply plug in your zip code and it will show all of the closest reload centers. There are 2 kinds of reload centers. The first is usually in a payday check cashing place. The second is anywhere that has a Western Union. I took my card, ID, and cash into the check cashing center and told them what I wanted. The process took all of 1 minute and the money was immediately on the card. The only fee to me in this entire process was at this point in the amount of $2.00 USD. That is irregardless of the amount you put onto the card.

If you do not have a reload center near you, then you can go to a Western Union, which are in almost all grocery stores, and fill out the "Prepaid Services/Payments" form. It is purple. In my experience Western Union usually takes anywhere from 1 hour to 24 hours, but I have not tried this particular method before, so I can not attest to how quickly the money posts. The fee is $4.95 USD.
(They also offer service through Moneygram locations which is similar to Western Union, and the fee is the same.)

2. Option 2 is to go to your Netspend online account and set up a Bank 2 Bank transfer. There is no fee on Netspend's end, however most banks generally charge a couple dollars, so this was my first option, however Wachovia is among the banks that are not able to do a direct transfer from my checking account to my Netspend account. The banks they list that are able to are:

Bank of America
Wells Fargo

If your bank is not listed, they give you a routing number, and account number. I tried this, and Wachovia would not recognize it as a financial institution. The site says this could take from 3-5 days to process.

3. Option 3 is via PayPal account. It is just like transferring money from your PayPal directly to your checking, in which they again provide you with routing and account numbers. No fee for this and they say 2-3 days to process.

4. Finally is the "reload pack." It is a bit like a gift card. You purchase this at a number of stores and then activate the balance online. According to the website the fee is determined by the retailer and is generally $4.95 USD. A list of retailers who sell these can be found here.

Your final step is to transfer the money into an Intrade account. Directions to which can be found here.

And the home page for netspend is here

I hope this was helpful!

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Since the Dec. 1 (2009) bank crackdown on "gambling-related transactions", the options for putting money onto a Netspend card have been narrowed. Essentially, major US banks have added Netspend to their list of potentially gambling-related financial institutions.

Using a credit/debit card linked to a US bank is no longer possible, for at least several of the major US banks. At least Wells Fargo is also blocking electronic transfers to Netspend. I have found reports that Paypal is also now blocking funding to Netspend; however, this might refer to using the Paypal Mastercard rather than a Paypal money transfer.

It has also been my experience that the list of Netspend reload centers is...overly optimistic. They list all locations of big chains that the company has some agreement with (e.g. CVS, Shell & Safeway) , but I have had very limited luck in finding such locations that actually carry the cards or know how to reload them. The cash advance places seem to be a more reliable option, at least in S. California.

Netspend may still be a useful option for many members residing in the US, and maxpedro's instructions are still helpful. However, be aware that some of the options listed may no longer be available. The situation is fluid, as with all UIGEA-related regulations. Any reliable info about Paypal's current policy toward Netspend might be interesting to some members; please share if you are aware.


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Based on my experience today, PayPal is no longer allowing money transfers to NetSpend cards despite the fact the NetSpend site still lists this as an option.

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I haven't been on Intrade for a while, just logged back on NetSpend...

I'm not sure if Netspend is still a viable option to fund the account. never mind, just saw the other post...

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